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Noctua NM-AM4-UxS Mounting Kit

Noctua’s NM-AM4-UxS Mounting Kit is an inexpensive way of adding AM4 compatibility to your existing NH-U14S, NH-U12S or NH-U9S CPU cooler.


  1. AM4 solution of existing Noctua CPU cooler owners
  2. SecuFirm2 professional mounting system
  3. Compatible with many Noctua CPU coolers

The NM-AM4-UxS kit allows Noctua users to upgrade NH-U14S, NH-U12S and NH-U9S coolers to AMD’s AM4 socket (Ryzen). It is a dedicated solution for the NH-U14S, NH-U12S and NH-U9S models and has been designed to combine outstanding reliability, optimal contact pressure and easy, straightforward installation. Bringing the trusted SecuFirm2 quality to AMD’s AM4 platform, the NM-AM4-UxS is an enthusiast-grade mounting kit that meets the highest demands in safety, performance and ease of use.

Trusted SecuFirm2 Quality

Over the years, SecuFirm2™ has become synonymous with impeccable long-term stability and flawless craftsmanship. Enthusiast users and industry clients alike trust the time-tested quality of Noctua’s professional mounting systems.

Perfect Contact Pressure

SecuFirm2™ mounting systems use high-grade coil springs to achieve perfect contact pressure. No guesswork regarding how far to tighten the mounting screws, no risk of damaging the socket with excessive pressure!

Integrated Fastening Brackets

Noctua’s SecuFirm2 systems feature fully integrated fastening brackets with pre-fixed pressure screws and springs, which greatly facilitates the installation process. No fiddling with loose screws and springs!

Tailor-made for AM4

In order to cut costs, many manufacturers use cross-platform parts for both Intel and AMD, which can cause compatibility issues. Noctua’s SecuFirm2 mounting system for AM4 has been tailor-made for this socket in order to ensure optimal compatibility.

Cooler can be installed turned by 90°

Coming with two different sets of mounting bars, the SecuFirm2 system allows the users to choose the orientation of the cooler according to their preferences in order to ensure best compatibility and optimal alignment with the airflow path inside the case.

Owners of Noctua NH-U14S, NH-U12S and NH-U9S CPU coolers can obtain the NM-AM4-UxS Mounting-Kit free of charge from Noctua via this form. A proof of purchase (electronic version, photo or scan of the invoice) of both a Noctua CPU cooler and either a socket AM4 motherboard or socket AM4 CPU are required. Please note: This offer is run and fulfilled by Noctua, Quiet PC are not able to supply the free kit on Noctua’s behalf.

Socket compatibilityAMD AM4
Cooler compatibilityNH-U14S, NH-U12S, NH-U9S
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode9010018200362
Socket compatibilityAMD AM4
Cooler compatibilityNH-U14S, NH-U12S, NH-U9S
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode9010018200362

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