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In days gone by, webcams were generally poor quality low-resolution USB cameras designed to give a rough idea of what you looked like to the people you talked to on instant messenger software. These days, webcams are very different beasts...

Offering full HD video and still image capture easily capable of rivalling a digital camera. Images are widescreen and crystal clear, and integrated microphones provide audio clarity way in excess of a telephone handset and usually even better than a PC headset. For creation of YouTube videos or the enjoyment of Skype video calls, you can’t beat a modern webcam for convenience, quality and value for money.

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“Expected good service - got excellent service”

“I decided to do business with Quiet PC on the basis of the uniformly positive reviews and the fact that I could configure a PC to roughly the specifications I wanted.

I ordered a brand new PC on a Wednesday evening, was told it had been built and was being dispatched in less than two days. It arrived as promised on the following Monday morning.

Whole thing was delightfully painless.

Minor critisism might be an absence of instruction - the keyboard and mouse in particular just left if for you to work out for your self. I guess the expectation is that customers are fairly hardware savvy which is not really the case for me.

For all that once I had plugged the cables and the batteries into the obvious places and pressed the power switch everything worked smoothly first time.

Early days still, but as far as I can see excellent service, great product, and competetive pricing. Overall a very pleasing experience and I would certainly recommend to others”

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